Finances: Penny Pinching Series Pt. 1

Hi, my name is Angie and I have a problem, I am an avid “saver!”  Budgeting, couponing and saving started out of necessity but soon became a passion of mine, something that I loved to do and still do to this day.  I decided to start this series as a way to teach others the efforts that have helped to make me financially successful.

I get it, maybe you’re weary, the all too common questions and thoughts are going through your head right now…

  • Do I have time for this? Yes
  • Is this time consuming? Not Really
  • Will I be one of those people holding up the lines at grocery store?  Probably Not
  • Will I really save money?  Yes

Is the idea of using coupons, discounts and deals to save money embarrassing to you? It shouldn’t be, I say who should feel embarrassed about saving money?  In my honest opinion people should be embarrassed for paying full price for something I am getting for pennies on the dollar or even FREE. Yes, I said FREE!

It is important to make a few things clear – of course couponing in and of itself can save you a lot of money but there are so many other ways to save along the way.  Even beyond the saving I have found there are simple ways to make money too!

Bottom line – If you are saving money, you are making money.

Let me quickly discuss with you my overall saving method.  This method is what is commonly referred to as stacking, however I like to think that I take stacking to a whole other level.  Simply put, there are two main stacking methods and these are:

  • In-Store stacking
  • Online Shopping stacking

Although these are similar in many ways and most of the steps are the same, there are a few key differences.  Stay tuned as we will explore these in more depth in future Penny Pinching Series blog post.

I hope I got your wheels turning!

xoxo – angie



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