Infertility: Back At It

Aunt Flo came and went and it was time to start trying again.  Timing for an IUI was just not going to work this cycle so we decided to go the all natural route.  My body felt much differently this time which was our queue that it was really the right time to go for it.

With my menstrual cycle being more regulated, I assumed that my peak fertile period (when I was ovulating) would be right on track as well.  It was a weird feeling to be able to just try with the understanding that it could actually happen on it’s own.  That maybe my body actually was going to work the way it was supposed to all this time.  I’ve never been able to calculate my peak fertile days much less know that I could actually get pregnant.

Using my “MyDays” app I calculated my fertile period and away we went.   Luckily, there was no spotting this time, so everything stayed right on track.

Then came the wait, which is always the hardest part.  I am in the waiting period now.  As the days pass I grow more and more anxious.  I have debated whether I should test prior to being “late” but have decided against it.  We shall see…

Until next time…


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