Infertility: Finally Some Answers

During the visit for my miscarriage they tested my Thyroid and the tests results came back in just a few days. They were normal, why were they normal? This was what I was hoping was the issue. I would need to wait until I got results from my testing six weeks later to be sure.

So six weeks passed and it was time to get my blood drawn again. Sometimes I really wonder what condition my veins are going to be in when this infertility journey is all over. I’ve been poked and prodded so many times I can’t even keep track anymore. They drew blood to check for Antiphospholipid antibodies and to recheck for thyroid and A1C issues. I think they took something like 10 viles of blood .

I thought the two week wait after IUI was bad. I had to wait almost four weeks for these test results. I figured it would take a little longer than usual due to the holidays and COVID testing but this was much longer than I expected.

My results were uploaded to a portal where I was able to view them. First, A1C – normal. I expected this so it came as no surprise. Second thyroid – also normal. Again, I figured this would be the case as it has come back normal every other time. And finally the Antiphosphilid testing. These results were long as I was tested for a whole panel of things. I scrolled through the list, everything normal. I thought to myself, not again, of course no answer? And then, after scrolling through some more results, FINALLY, an answer! My levels were elevated in the Anticardiolipin AB IGM section. A small note at the top indicated that I was positive for an Anticardiolipin Antibody. Another note said that I was not positive for Antiphosphilid Syndrome but that because of the elevated levels of the Anticardiolipin AB IGM I should be put on Heprin during pregnancy.

This was a lot of information that made some sense but I still had so many questions. As quickly as we could we scheduled a virtual appointment with my OBGYN to discuss it further. Luckily the appointment was just a few days later, so we didn’t have to wait to long.

During our appointment my doctor took the time to breakdown everything in detail and no question was left unanswered. In short, she said that I cannot officially be diagnosed with Antiphosphilid Syndrome unless I test positive for that antibody twice in a month period. However, testing positive for that antibody once is enough to warrant putting me on 81mg baby aspirin as a prophylaxes and then 40mg of Lovenox at the first indication of a positive pregnancy. Lovenox is an injectable that is administered once a day for the entirety of the pregnancy. We were so excited to finally have some answers and a protocol.

Before the appointment was over I asked about Clomid and if she would be willing to prescribe that to us. She explained that while they do not do IUIs she would do a monitored Clomid cycle if I would like. She also suggested that we consider seeing an RE again.

All this information was wonderful but also left us with some serious decisions that had to be made fairly quickly. Do we do a medicated cycle? Do we go straight to an RE? The time was/is ticking. We knew that the month of Jan/Feb was out, it was au natural for us. Feb/Mar was what we needed to focus on.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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  1. I had the Antiphospholipid antibodies test after my second miscarriage. One value came back high (but they didn’t say which). I then had to have it retested a minimum of 6 weeks later before trying again and the second time it came back normal. I was so disappointed not to have a simple fix. But I’ve had an MRI since then and it seems pretty likely that adenomyosis is the cause of all my problems.


    1. I am so sorry that you didn’t get the answer you wanted. I totally understand that feeling. Infertility is such a hard situation to go through. The dissapointment is never ending. I’m glad though, that you finally got your diagnosis of adenomyosis. When there is an answer there is usually a solution. Crossing my fingers for you hun!


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