Infertility: IVF (we’ve) got this!

We were really hoping that this would be our month, that we would miraculously get pregnant naturally, again, and not have to move forward with additional treatment but along came aunt flo and we knew it was time to reach out to an RE. Seeing as though I am 33, 34 this year, and that at the age of 35 fertility rapidly declines (for all women), we knew we had to make moves now.

I did a bit of research when we first moved to Nevada in anticipation of this and knew that should we have to go this route that we wanted to see Dr. Fisch at Green Valley Fertility. His office is fairly close to our house and the reviews he received are amazing. So, I reached out to the office via phone call to get our schedule our first consultation.

I had to fill a LOT of paperwork of course (which I am used to by now) and some consent forms before we could schedule the appointment. Luckily I am very organized so I took out our massive file of paperwork relating to our infertility and started skimming through it to get the info I needed. It was a crazy trip down memory lane, 12 years of infertility, numerous tests, 3 IUIs, 3 pregnancies (2 natural and 1 via IUI) and 3 miscarriages. Anyway, I filled out the paperwork and sent it through to the office for review. I even got a compliment from the Office Manager about how wonderful it was that I actually provided all of our history which I have to admit kind of made my day. Our appointment was scheduled and now all we could do was wait to see what the RE had to say.

On appointment day we were crazy with anticipation. We already had discussed about what we thought our next step should be, and that was IVF. The doctor called and we spent almost an hour talking to him. It was quite interesting to hear his perspective. His assumption based off of our history is that egg quality was probably the issue and that the anticardiolipin antibody I tested for was unlikely the cause. Based on my age, and our history he suggested we move forward with IVF. His approach was great, very informative, not pushy at all and very hopeful. We knew this is where we needed to be and what we needed to do. After we spoke, it was back to the speaking with the office manager to go over pricing and schedule my first in office appointment. Because of our timeline and where I was at in my cycle, if we wanted to be able to fit things in before our vacation in May we had to act right away. I was scheduled to come in the next day to have an ultrasound, get my blood drawn. go over my treatment, order meds, and finalize pricing and payment.

This is big guys! This is really a make it or break it moment for us. If this works we will have our rainbow baby(ies) and if it doesn’t we will be at peace living child free knowing that we gave this everything we had.

Stay tuned for more updates! And send us all the prayers, wish us all the good baby dust, and all that! ❤


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  1. Wishing you all the best. I hope the process is smooth for you and it works first time.


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