Life: Time is Money Pt. 1

In this day and age you see more and more people paying for convenience.  Convenience comes nicely packaged in restaurant delivery, grocery delivery, meal plan delivery, and really just delivery in general.  There’s a saying – time is money, and I one hundred percent believe that.  If you look at what you make per hour and use that to determine the what your time is worth, you might think of the time it takes you to do something a little differently.

A little background information – Jon and I work Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm, and if you factor in the time it takes us to wake up, go to the gym (Jon) and get ready for work (Me much longer than Jon), plus our commute we are looking at more like 5am – 6pm.  This of course doesn’t include coming home, making dinner, unwinding, etc.  Literally our weekdays are packed full.  With that being said, our weekends, Saturday and Sunday are really all the time we have to actually connect with each other, have some fun and of course the get the dreaded errands done.

There came a season in our lives where we had a lot of things, important things going on that took priority in our lives, these situations took up a good majority of our time.  After struggling to get everything done on the weekends and while still trying to having time to connect, there came a time where we had to decide whether paying for convenience was an appropriate solution for us.

We began by figuring out which errand we could easily delegate to a “convenience courier,” we decided that grocery shopping was one of the errands that really took up a lot of our time on the weekends.  We chose to start there as I had already done some research about grocery delivery.  Together, we took a moment to speak to each other about it, to share our thoughts.  An important step we was to look at the financial aspect of this decision and what it meant to our bigger picture.  After some careful thought and discussion we came to the conclusion that this was the right move for us.  Yes, we were paying $4.99 for delivery, for something we could be doing ourselves but in the end it came down to, is it worth it? are we worth it?  And the answer was always yes.  Our rationale was that in the time is took us to drive to and from the grocery store, go up and down the aisles picking our items, bringing them in the house and unloading them, we were looking at, at least an hours worth of our time, and based on our calculation, our time was worth much more than the $4.99 delivery charge.  A bonus of this solution is that we found we spend a lot less because we avoid the all too common impulse buys.

Bottom line – Is this solution for everyone?  Of course not, but is this solution for some? Yes.  Start by determining what your time is worth and if you are struggling to get things done, and you are in the financial situation to do so, it is okay to pay for convenience.  Take some pressure off, it’s okay to ask for help when you need it – you are worth it.

Until next time…

xoxo – angie





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