Marriage: Navigating Through Work Trips

Being apart from your significant other, the person you see everyday and you fall asleep next to every night can be really tough. Simply, it is just not the same when they are not physically there with you. My Husband travels for work at least twice a year, often more and although it is usually just for a few days at a time I never find it any easier to say goodbye. Even when we are apart, doing what we can to be sure that we stay connected and continue to make each other feel loved is an essential part of our marriage. I’d love to share with you the three simple things that we have found help us navigate through his business trips.

First thing is first, no matter what else is going on or what time his flight departs or arrives, I make it a point to drop him off at and pick him up from the airport each and every time. Although him taking an Uber or Taxi would definitely be more convenient at times, I find that by me making this small effort I am able to show him that I am making him a priority in my life. Added bonus and best of all, it gives us additional time to say goodbye or my very favorite, say hello.

The next thing we do is to video chat every single night no matter how tired we are, we always make time to Skype or Facebook Video Chat. Through this we are able to have that visual and verbal connection as Husband and Wife. We make sure to take the time to do the regular things we would do if he were at home like speak about our days or important news and events. Most importantly we make it a point to take the time to encourage and praise one another. Bottom line, other than the times when he is away on business we see each other everyday, so being able to see each other in this way helps tremendously.

video chat

Finally, on every business trip he takes I try to do something special for him. Whether it is including a picture of us in his suitcase, writing him letters, packing him his favorite snacks, or ordering something to his room, I do something that will make him feel loved. This simple act let’s him know that no matter how near or far, I am always thinking about him.


While in previous years I was unable to get away from work for any period of time, this year I am blessed enough to work somewhere where I can. Shortly, I will be joining Jon on his upcoming business trip to Ohio and we can’t wait!

This year I will also be taking my first business trip and as the roles will be reversed in this case, I believe I will gain a much better understanding of how it must be for him while he is away on business.

In short, although being apart from your significant other for any period of time is difficult, maintaining normal communication and making one another feel loved works wonders to keep your marriage strong while you are physically away from each other.

What are some of the things you do to stay connected with your significant other while you are apart from each other? Share the things that work for you in the comments!



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