Life: Time is Money Pt. 2

Another one of our favorite time is money hacks is to get a nice restaurant meal delivered to our home. Although there are times we would love to get away from the house, sometimes you just don’t have the time to get out, things need to get done. Other times we plan to make something at home and we are missing an ingredient, or something went bad. Maybe we are just tired and don’t feel like cooking. You know, it happens, life happens.

Back in the day we used a company called LA Bite, it was the only one of it’s kind. Now in the modern age of convenience, these companies are everywhere! Each company has their pros and cons but bottom line, they are all worth it.

Postmates is one of our favorites. The options are almost endless and the deliver food from just about any restaurant you can think of. They do charge a delivery fee for their service, but it is well worth it. Think about it, your time and gas are worth more than that! To start you out, you can click the Postmates link above to get $100 in free delivery credits. Also consider signing up for the unlimited delivery service they offer. All orders over $20 get are delivered free! You pay between $8 – $10 a month for this service depending on if you would prefer to pay monthly or yearly. If you plan to get food delivered often, this is your best bet!

DoorDash is another one of our favorites! While the options aren’t as endless with this company, they do offer some restaurants that Postmates does not. I have also found that DoorDash offers free delivery for several Restaurants which I think is awesome. I heard somewhere along the way that they were planning to offer an unlimited delivery subscription also, so keep a look out for that if you plan on using their service often. Use the link above to get $10 in free credit towards your first order!

Grubhub is another service that we have used. Also we don’t use this service as much because we find their selection limited, we have found that they offer delivery in areas not covered by Postmates and DoorDash. This is particularly helpful when we travel to more rural areas. Use the link above for $10 off your first order.

UberEats and Amazon Restaurant Delivery are two more options for food delivery. We haven’t really tried these two, but have heard great things from friends and family!

Moral of the story, if you are hungry, tired or busy, these food delivery services are great options for when you just don’t want the go-to Pizza or Chinese!

Until next time…

xoxo – angie

person holding phone taking picture of served food


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