Infertility: IUI on hold?

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We left the appointment so excited to start our first cycle of IUI in the beginning of June,  we couldn’t wait.  After a few days, it hit me, shoot… we would be traveling for work almost the entire month of June.  From what I read IUI cycles are extremely scheduled and I just didn’t know how that would work for us while traveling on business.  We would be off a couple of weeks in between, but I was almost certain that it would give us enough time.  I e-mailed our Doctor explaining the situation and asked if we could move up the cycle as I really did not want to push it off any longer.  You know, I’ve only been waiting 10 years to get pregnant.  I figured the answer would be no, and that he would suggest that it would be best to postpone the IUI cycle to start at the beginning of July.  I was right.  Another set back, but it’s okay though, we are staying positive.

Life throws you curve balls all the time, what’s important is how you handle them.  I figure it was supposed to be this way for a reason.  Hopefully, come July, I will be pregnant with our little miracle baby!

As soon as our first IUI cycle begins, I’ll post another update. Until next time, as always thank you for your love and support!

xoxo – angie

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