Finances: Penny Pinching Series Pt. 3

First, check these blogs out if you haven’t already done so, they will help you get up to speed:

Before we get into Online Shopping Stacking it is important to give you insight about

Swagbucks in short, is a website where you make money by completing certain actions such as watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online and playing games.  You can also sign up for offers like Hulu, Gamefly and Blue Apron but these are completely optional.  Why does Swagbucks give you money for completing these actions you may ask, well advertisers and stores pay Swagbucks a finders fee – a fee for getting you to:

  • click their site (online shopping)
  • watch their videos (similar to YouTube)
  • view their ads (in between videos)
  • sign up for their services (offers like the ones mentioned above)
  • answer their questions (surveys)
  • play their games

Swagbucks then passes part of their fee earned onto you to thank you and encourage you to continue to use their service.  Bottom line, they make money and you make money.

The basics:

  • Every Swagbuck is worth $0.01. Don’t be discouraged though! These compile quickly and your Swagbucks add up.
  • You can redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards or cash via PayPal

Let’s cover a few ways you can make money with this site:

We can start with Online Shopping Stacking for example as it is the most relevant to what we have already covered. Essentially all that is required is that you click to the store website through Swagbucks.  It’s simple, click shop and then use the search bar at the top of the page to search and see if the store you want to shop at is an affiliate of Swagbucks.  If it is it will pop up with the option to shop now.  Click the link and away you go to the store website.  That simple!


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Watching videos is another easy way to earn.  We will cover two ways – watching videos and nCrave playlists.  Simply put, you watch videos which include ads (like YouTube) and because Swagbucks gets a fee for having you watch the videos/ads they share a percentage of that fee with you.

To watch videos click the watch link on the left side of the homepage.  Once you click on the watch link, you will be directed to the watch page with several clickable videos. Now you have the option to chose from any of the videos on this page, or if you would rather you may chose to select a category on the left hand side with more videos.  Once you have found a video you like and clicked on the video of your choice you will be brought to another screen that will play that playlist.  You must watch all of these videos to receive credit. Once a check mark appears it means that you have watched enough of that video and you may proceed to the next in that playlist if you would like to do so. Once you have watched all the videos in that playlist, a note will appear right above the videos that states, “you have watched ___ videos and earned ___ swagbucks.”  Repeat this step as much as you would like.  Note, that you can earn 500 Swagbucks per day by watching videos, that is equivalent to $5.00, just for watching videos!

Tip: To get the best bang for your buck, choose the shortest playlist for the highest swagbuck payout.


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Ncrave is very similar, except the layout is a bit different.  What I love about this method, is that if you chose certain playlists (automatic), they do all the work for you!  Like watching videos, you start on the homepage and click the watch link.  Now, instead of choosing a video, you will click the Ncrave link.  This will bring up several playlists you can choose from, try picking one with a revolving icon, and watch away.  Once the playlist has completed, you will be shown a screen that says how many Swagbucks you have earned.  Repeat as much as you would like!


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Use the menu on the left to help you to navigate to other money making options such as the ones mentioned above!


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