Infertility: Second Guessing Our Decision

To HSG or not to HSG that is the question…

Maybe too much time has passed since that horrible experience for me to be thinking rationally (read about that here: Infertility: HSG Test), but I am seriously considering going through with an HSG test again. Bottom line, I think I just want answers, a definitive YES or NO.

  • If I do have blocked Fallopian Tubes then proceeding with IUI is just a waste of time and money. We might as well move onto IVF or some other options.
  • If I do not have blocked Fallopian Tubes that IUI may be our answer to everything, our solution..

The problem lies in whether or not an additional HSG test will provide conclusive results. I mean I could potentially be putting myself through this tortuses pain for the same inconclusive results. I reached out to some people in a Facebook Infertility Support Group who encountered similar HSG results and found out that the second HSG test isn’t always painful. I could have had a spasm last time, which makes sense to me – imagine a Doctor injecting dye into your hoo-ha, you would spasm too, right? But maybe it wasn’t a spasm, maybe it just was, and this will happen every single time. What do you do in a situation like this? What is the right decision? And there is the dilemma. It doesn’t help that I also I did some research of my own and found that for some IUI can be just as painful, if not more so than the HSG test. So, I don’t know what to do. Jon doesn’t either. He is of course being supportive and offering his thoughts, but we both still just do not know what the correct choice is.

We are supposed to start our IUI cycle in the beginning of July, so I guess we have a week or so to figure this out. We will keep you posted!

xoxo – angie

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