Life: Favorite Podcasts

I newly discovered Podcasts…  I mean I have always known about them but never really listened to any.  I am more of a visual person, so I guess that maybe why I didn’t indulge, but oh my gosh!  What was I missing?  Podcasts are a great way to pass time, are easy to listen to on the go, and keep you “company” while you are doing other tasks.

I’ve linked some of my favorites below:

The Osbournes Podcast

I grew up watching The Osbournes on TV and have followed them ever since.  I highly suggest listening to them if you are feigning for some laughter and fun!

Coffee Convos

Do you like Teen Mom?  Kail Lowry has started a Podcast with Lindsie Chrisley and I have to say they are very entertaining.  They cover a little bit of everything and always have updates on Teen Mom drama!

Focus on Fertility

I happened to come across this one and I am so happy that I did.  They really do cover all aspects and options of infertility.  This Podcast seems fairly new but I am really excited to see what other content they come out with.

IVFML recommended this Podcast and honestly it is great.  It is very real, raw and emotional, but also very funny.  It is the perfect explanation of infertility and the entire journey in my opinion.

Cold Case Files the Podcast

If you really know me, you know I love watching anything that has to do with Forensics and that the Investigation Discovery is one of my favorite channels to watch on TV.  I think it all started as a teenager when I watched my first episode of Forensic Files.  Ever since then I have been fascinated with Forensic Science and contemplated going to school to become a Forensic Detective.  Anyway, this Podcast is a perfect addition to my Forensic Mystery addiction.

The Serial Killer Podcast

This one kind of goes hand and hand with the Podcast mentioned above.  You can’t be into Forensics without being into Serial Killers.  Besides that, I obtained my degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences to I am very interested in dissecting why these people do what they do.

Forbes Under 30

I am a highly motivated person and pursue being financially successful everyday.  This Podcast not only motivates me but also plants ideas that push me to be better everyday.

I have found my of my favorites on  I highly suggest checking out the podcasts they host!

Don’t forget to comment your favorites!  I would love to hear your suggestions!

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