Finances: Penny Pinching Series Pt. 4

First, check these blogs out if you haven’t already done so, they will help you get up to speed: (use this link to get a $10 bonus after spending $25) is another website that is important to cover before we delve into Online Shopping Stacking, as it is one of the stacking opportunities.

As with Swagbucks, Ebates gets a finders fee for encouraging you to make an online purchase. Ebates then passes part of their fee earned onto you as a thank you and to encourage you to continue to use their service again.  Bottom line, they make money and you make money.

It’s simple, all that is required is that you click to the store website through Ebates, nothing more than that.  So basically instead of googling the store or typing in the store’s URL directly, click the link on Ebates. Easy peasy!

Follow these simple steps to get you going:

  • Sign-up or login into Ebates
  • Search for the website you plan to shop at
  • Click the the shop now button and check out that cash back percentage!
  • Ensure that you have been connected by Ebates by looking for the banner on the bottom of the page
  • Complete your purchase

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Ebates let’s you cash out your earning by check or Paypal quarterly!  Get going, and make some money!

More on Online Shopping Stacking coming soon to a Penny Pinching Blog Series near you!


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