Finances: Penny Pinching Series Pt. 5

Want to get caught up?  Read these posts first:

Now that you understand in-store stacking let’s dive into online shopping stacking!  This post will focus on online shopping and how stacking can help you save some big bucks.

It’s simple – here’s the break it down…

  1. Start by making an Ebates Swagbucks or Ibotta account. (First stack)
    • To read more about these two websites read these two posts:
  2. Search for store that you want to shop from on Ebates/Swagbucks and shop through them if available. (Second stack)
    • Tip: choose the one who offers the most cash back
  3. See if there is a store coupon or discount code that applies to what you are looking to purchase. (Third Stack)
    1. You can find these on the website itself, on other websites
  4. Check if there are store rewards offered for buying this particular item. (Fourth Stack)
    • Rewards can be things like money off your next purchase, a free item with purchase, etc.
  5. Use a rewards credit card, store rewards from a previous purchase or discounted gift card that you bought on a website like to pay for your purchase. (Fifth Stack)

So yes, this has one less stacking opportunity than your typical in-store shopping trip but don’t let that fool you!  Online shopping can save you big bucks!




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