Infertility: We Have A Date!

Finally, so the time has come.  We are starting our first IUI cycle this weekend.  I am both scared and excited.  Scared mostly because I have no idea what to expect.  I have done some research online but every persons experience is different.  Excited, well because I have only been waiting my entire life (well almost) to be a Mommy, and maybe, just maybe it is my time.

I know we contemplated going forward with a second HSG test, but we decided against it.  Not only because of the pain, but because we are trying to be optimistic and pray that the IUI will be successful.  We agreed that if the IUI is not successful (I don’t even want to put that out there) the first time we will strongly consider a second HSG test.

We will of course keep you updated throughout our infertility journey and hope to record the entire process so that you can follow along that way as well.  All videos will be posted to our YouTube channel which is in process but coming soon.

Thank you all for coming along on our journey, your support means the world to us!

xoxo – angie

person pinpointing pen on calendar


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  1. Sabra says:

    Best of luck Angie. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.


    1. Thank you Sabra! That means so much!


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