Weight Loss: It’s a Journey

A friend and I were discussing weight loss and during our conversation she mentioned something that just stuck in my head.  She said something along the line of… weight loss is a journey, remember you are not running a marathon… and this couldn’t ring more true.  All too often I find that I am “running” so quickly towards that goal, that number, that I forget that this is a journey and sometimes a long one at that.  Let’s be honest, weight loss can be demoralizing especially if it takes a long time, for example maybe you gain weight or stop losing weight all together for a period of time.  Plain and simple it’s hard.

It helps to think about your weight loss journey as if you are driving a car, think of weight loss as a road trip.  So, you have a destination right?  But along the way you are likely to encounter plateaus, mountains, valleys, speed bumps, and rest stops.  Hey, you might even speed up to get there faster or slow down to enjoy the ride and maybe sometimes it just takes longer than expected to get to your destination, but.that.is.okay.  You get it?  It’s the same thing.  Just like with a road trip while trying to lose weight you will hit your plateaus, some days you will make huge progress, some days you won’t and maybe sometimes you will just take a break.  Weight loss really is a journey.

For me, today, I decided that I am going to make an effort to understand that this is in fact a journey and I am going to stop running the marathon.  I know that I focus on the number and that I base my self worth, my success on what the scale says, but really it’s not about that at all.

Until next time…

xoxo – angie

people doing marathon


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