Infertility: The Starting Line (IUI Treatment One)

So it begins, the official start of our first IUI cycle…

I couldn’t sleep last night, and I woke up this morning before my alarm went off.  I guess there was just too much on my mind.  So many things were going on in my head, but most importantly the realization that this is the day, a day I had been waiting for since the middle of May when we got the go-ahead to proceed with treatments.  I told myself, it’s time to buckle up and just go with whatever is thrown my way, understanding that for the next month or so, I will be a slave to this IUI process.  I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it in the end.

I settled into work, opened my handy dandy industrial sized pill organizer, okay I am exaggerating, but it is BIG!  Along with the supplements (prenatal vitamin, vitamin D, and COQ10) I take daily as prescribed by me RE, was another tiny, itty bitty, little round pill named Provera that would kick everything into gear.  My RE explained that IUI cycles are extremely regimented and that everything needs to be timed appropriately, and while not everyone is prescribed this medication, I was.  Basically since my menstrual cycles are irregular, I need to take this medication to give my body a swift kick in the you know what, and basically say, hey! It’s time for you invite Aunt Flo over so we can get this party started.  After taking the medication twice a day for five days, my period should come within two weeks.  Once I start, I was instructed to contact them for further instruction.  And so, the wait begins…

So far, luckily, I haven’t really experienced any weird side effects.  I have gotten a few little “tinges” of pain, something a little different than what I normally experience around this “time of the month,” but nothing concerning.

To be honest, I am both nervous and excited.  I am excited for the obvious reasons but nervous because I just don’t know what to expect.  While I have done my research, everybody’s IUI experience is different, from the medication and doses to the time line and monitoring, it all varies, there is just no telling what’s going to happen.  But I am ready, we are ready, let’s go!

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