Weight Loss: Keto Favorites!

I decided to compile a few of our Keto favorites.  These are either purchasable items or restaurant/food options that have helped us be successful.  Comment your favorites below!

Items you can buy in-store or online:

  • Sugar Free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
    • These are yummy and taste almost exactly like the real thing!  There is only 1 net carb in 3 pieces.  Be prepared though, the “cooling effect” is pretty strong.
  • Premier Protein Shakes
    • These are my go-to meal replacement shakes, Jon has even gotten on board with these too!  There are just 3 net carbs in one shake, but the protein is high which is something to take into account when trying to stay within your macros.  Caramel and Vanilla are the flavors we suggest.
  • Sukrin Gold Brown Sugar Alternative
    • This is a great brown sugar alternative, we couldn’t taste a difference when using it in one of our favorite recipes.  Use this sparingly as it is a bit sweeter than your traditional brown sugar and can cause some tummy discomfort for some if used in higher quantities.  Best part is that it has zero carbs!
  • Swerve Sweetener, Granular
    • We cannot taste a difference between regular sugar and this sweetener.  We use this frequently to make a simple syrup for our drinks and it works out great!  Best part is that is has zero carbs!
  • Thai Tea Bags
    • One of the things we missed most was our weekend milk tea runs, and it was impossible to get our drinks without a massive amount of carbs so I did a bit of research online and found these Thai Tea Bags.  I was a bit skeptical when I purchased them, but let me say we were not disappointed.  These also have zero carbs!
  • Quest Chips
    • We were searching for an easy side to each with our quick weekday dinners and I came across Quest Chips.  I was a bit weary and to be quite honest these are pretty expensive, but I decided to give them a try.  We were surprised by just how tasty these are and they only have 3 net carbs for the whole bag!


  • Chipotle
    • Order a burrito bowl or salad with no beans and no rice
  • Wing Stop
    • Order bone-in wings (flavors: lemon pepper, Louisiana rub, mild) w/ ranch
  • Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes
    • Choose a big salad with all the low carb/no carb options that your little heart desires
  • Lucilles (to-go)
  • In & Out
    • Order a lettuce wrapped burger with no spread or a Flying Dutchman (secret menu item)
  • Subway
    • Salad with low carb options

Restaurant/Food Options:

  • Mexican Food
    • Tacos without the shell
    • Tostadas without the tostada
    • Fajitas
    • Guacamole, no chips
    • Burrito bowls with no beans and no rice
  • BBQ
    • Order your meat dry (add your own bbq sauce if you would like)
  • KBBQ
    • Brisket and pork belly
  • Brazilian BBQ
    • Anything that is not heavily marinated
  • American Style Food
    • Burgers w/ no buns (lettuce wrapped)
    • Bone-in chicken wings
    • Cesar salad or garden salad w/ ranch
    • Eggs and Bacon
  • Japanese Food
    • Sashimi
    • Shabu Shabu
  • Italian Food
    • Pizza (just the toppings)
    • Shrimp scampi w/ no pasta
    • Other meat dishes w/ no pasta (keep in mind the sauces)
  • Alcohol
    • Straight shots or Michelob Ultra or another low carb beer


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    This is really helpful. Thanks!

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