Infertility: Provera Recap (IUI Treatment One)

Here is your fair warning, this will contain information that you may feel is TMI (too much information).  I am choosing to share our infertility journey in hopes of helping others going through the same or a similar situation.  If you do not feel comfortable, hearing the good, the bad and the ugly, please skip this blog post.

To be honest, I was pretty worried about the potential side effects when taking this medication.  I understand that infertility medications can be invasive, this probably being the least of them all.  Prior to actually taking Provera, I did some research about the potential side effects and things I should watch for but came up empty handed for the most part.  I wish I could have found a summary of someone else’s experience as I think it would have made me a bit more comfortable and because of this, I am sharing my particular day by day experience.


I took the Provera as prescribed, 2 times a day for 5 days to bring on my menstrual cycle.

While Taking Provera

Day 1:  Dizziness

Day 2:  Icky and sharp pains

Day 3:  Felt good

Day 4 :  Cramping

Day 5:  Felt good

Post Provera

Day 6, 7 & 8:  Cramping and cranky

Day 9:  Feeling great but bloated

Day 10:  Feeling really moody and started spotting

Day 11:  My mood improved greatly,  started menstrual cycle and experienced some sharp pains (Cycle Day 1) 

Bottom Line

I experienced a few symptoms but nothing too off the wall and would definitely be open to taking the medication again if needed.

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