Life: House Hunting

We woke up super excited to go House Hunting for the very first time.  We had picked out a few properties that we were really interested in and our Real Estate Agent, picked out a few she thought would fit within our budget as well.

We started out at the first property in Redondo Beach, a nice 1B/1B condo that was just at the top of our budget.  While we would prefer a 2B/2B we couldn’t beat this area.  We walked in the condo and it was nice.  It was small, a little smaller than our apartment even I think and the kitchen would need to be remodeled at some point, but it fit the bill of what we wanted.  The only issue was that is was a 1B/1B which didn’t really give us the option we needed if we were to get pregnant soon.

Off we went to the second property, this one was in West Torrance at the Condo complex we had been eyeing for some time.  This property left something to be desired.  It was extremely dated and would need a lot of work to make it what we wanted it to be.  I mean they had appliances in the kitchen from what looked like the 1960’s, no joke!  The second bedroom didn’t have a wall but rather some blinds that went across the ceiling, weird.  The two things we loved about this location were the location obviously and it had a huge balcony that would have been great for entertaining.  Even with that, this one was a no.

And off we went to see the final property on the list we had complied, one San Pedro right on the border of Palos Verdes.  This one seemed like the full package, a 2B/2B townhouse style condo that looked just gorgeous in the inside.  Finding the location of the unit itself was a mission, but well worth it when we walked inside.  It was just as gorgeous as the pictures we saw and fit the bill exactly.  The only issue we found was purely aesthetic and that was the upstairs bathroom, the layout was a little odd with two sinks, two showers and one toilet.  We figured we could easily make that work.  Then we got hit with the news that this unit is tenant occupied and that the Seller did not want to ask the tenant to vacate, that would be up to us.  Not a huge deal, except for the fact that this area falls under rent control ordinances and requires special handling that could potentially cost us a lot of headaches and money.  So as much as we wanted to say yes to this one, it was clear it needed to be a no.

We went on to look at three other properties that our realtor pulled for us, the first being a beautiful house in a not so beautiful neighborhood.  While we loved the house, we just couldn’t see ourselves being comfortable in that location.  The next was in a bit better of a location, but the house needed a lot of updating and it was not something we could see ourselves wanting to invest in.  The last one we didn’t get a chance to look at because after further thought our realtor didn’t think it was the right fit for us.

We did a recap with our realtor about what we had seen and told her after discussing it further we would get back to her in the afternoon to tell her if we wanted to put any offers in.  Jon and I talked and talked, discussed and discussed and came to the conclusion that none of them were quite right for us at this point in time.  We called our realtor and let her know and she was totally understanding and we came up with a time to look at more properties a couple weeks from then.  It happened that our first  IUI cycle ended up falling right during that same time and Jon and I decided that it was best to focus purely on that for the time being.  While buying a property is still a top priority, we have to focus on what’s most important to us at this time, and that is having a baby.

xoxo – angie

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  1. Luis Gonzalez says:

    God has a plan for us all. We just have to seek him first and all will fall in placce. Praying for you guys


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