Infertility: The Results (IUI Treatment One)

The two week wait is the period of time between insemination and the pregnancy test where you learn the results. Needless to say, it is grueling. During this period I found comfort from my family, friends and those in a few online support groups I joined.

A week after insemination I was to go get a blood test done to check my progesterone level, basically anything over a 3 means that I ovulated and that is what they wanted to see. I had to go in to the lab later in the day because I was in a meeting all day. I was hoping I would get the results back quickly but the night came and went, and still no results. The day after the progesterone test I was so anxious, I broke down and took a cheapy dollar store pregnancy test hoping to put my mind a bit at ease, all the while knowing that the results would most likely not be accurate. I looked down at the stick and saw the all too familiar negative result staring back at me. I broke down, I was so disappointed, I was crushed. I feel like at that moment I grieved the loss of a dream. Jon consoled me and urged me to try and stay positive saying that we couldn’t trust the results of that test. We went shopping to try and take my mind off of what had just occurred and a few hours later my results came back at 8.6. These results gave me a little more hope that the pregnancy test I took earlier may have been incorrect.

As the next week progressed we began to refer to our potential baby as “baby.” We would talked about baby, made plans for baby and talked about how we would break the great news about baby to our parents. We were already in love with the idea of baby. We were doing everything we could to keep positive even though in the back of my mind I couldn’t get that negative pregnancy test out of my head. So half way through the week, 10dpiui (10 days past IUI) to be exact, I broke down and took another test. This time a highly rated test that I had purchased a couple days before on Amazon. I took the test, and waited the few minutes I was supposed to for the results, another negative. Jon again reassured me that we couldn’t trust anything but the blood test, but I already knew, this test solidified the results in my mind, I was prepared for what was potentially waiting for me in the next couple days.

Day 14 rolled around and I asked if I could work remotely from 12pm to 5pm so that I had time to go take the test. I also wanted to be sure to be home when I got the results because I had no idea what my reaction would be. I couldn’t wait for 12pm to come along, so I took a quick 15 minute break and went to the lab and got the test done. It was quick and there I was waiting again for the results. Around 2pm, I got the e-mail that the results were in. I searched for the text Jon had sent me that noted what the number we wanted to see on the test results. I found it, it was supposed to be 20 or above. I went onto the Kaiser website and opened the link to the results, and staring back at me was the number 1, a 1? Can you believe it, it was like a big f*ck you, not even close to the 20 I was hoping to see. And again, there was the all too familiar BIG FAT NEGATIVE. I texted Jon and told him, we were both sad and very disappointed. I started to cry, not the ugly, hysterical cry I had experienced when I took the first test, but a more quiet, defeated cry. I knew this was coming, I felt it in my gut all along.

Now comes a lot of decisions that we have to make. We have to figure out how we want to move forward, if we want to move forward…

So there it is, the whole enchilada, everything that came along with IUI Treatment number one.

Until next time, thank you for following along on our journey.

xoxo – angie



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  1. So sorry…… I understand what it feels like to wait and get a frustrating big fat negative. Sending you lots of prayers and hugs❤️


  2. Luis Gonzalez says:

    Love you both


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