Infertility: The Options

At this point what we know is that the IUI was not successful.  Even though the we had the perfect numbers and what seemed like the best situation.  What we don’t know is why it failed.  What we can safely assume is that there may be something wrong with my Fallopian Tubes based off of the inconclusive HSG results we had previously received.  With our first failed IUI came some decisions that needed to be made.  We were given a few options and a suggestion by the Doctor.

The first of the options is another HSG and this is what is suggested by our Doctor.  While I don’t want to put myself through this again, it may be the best solution.  First, there is nothing saying that the procedure will be the same as it was before.  I could potentially go through with the procedure and will experience no pain and get conclusive results. However, there is the chance that it may be exactly the same.  The Cost: About $275

Tubal Recanalization is the second option.  This is a procedure similar to the HSG Test, however there are a few significant differences.  The differences being: the procedure is done under sedation, an additional catheter is entered into the tubes to help clear any blockages and the cost is significantly different.  Also important to note is that the success rate of this procedure is 90%.  The Cost: $4,094.50

Another option is a Laparoscopic Surgery.  This is different in that it is a major surgery in which they go through the abdomen, observe and correct issues that they can.  The down time for this procedure is about 2 weeks.  The Cost: $5,923.50 – $8,350.50 

The last option is IVF, we can skip the tubes and go straight this.  There is no guarantee that the procedure will be successful but it may be and the price is similar in comparison to the Laparoscopic Surgery.  The Cost: About $10,000 to $15,000

There are pros and cons with every option which of course doesn’t make the decision making process any easier.  I go back and forth mostly with another HSG Test and the Tubal Recanalization.  I like that I am put under during the latter procedure and that the success rate is 90%, however the HSG Test is much more cost effective.  Final decision?  To go through with one more HSG Test.  I am all about saving money and it would be very hard for me to sleep at night knowing that I didn’t try an HSG Test one more time before spending $4,000 on the Recanalization.

I am scared, almost terrified of the pain again.  Thankfully so much time has passed since the last one that I have kind of forgot exactly how it felt.  I pray that this time is successful and not painful.  I want conclusive results and hopefully if there are any blockages this procedure is able to fix that.

I want to enjoy my birthday, which is in October so I have decided that I won’t be moving forward with the second HSG until after that.  As always, I will keep you updated.

xoxo – angie

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