Infertility: What does California think?

Are we in an episode of the Handmaids Tale or something?  No but seriously, I am a bit upset, not a bit, a lot!

I was doing some research about infertility insurance coverage.  Basically I was trying to figure out if there was either a supplemental plan or better insurance plan altogether that we could use to bring out potential costs down.  And guess what I discovered?  California has a law in place, along with New York and Louisiana, to specifically exclude IVF as a covered procedure.  While we are not and hopefully will not be dealing with IVF, it is still extremely frustrating and my heart aches for those who are.

My question is who makes up these laws?  Who are the people that thought this would be the right thing to do? To take away this option from so many people who may not be able to afford it.  I am sad and heartbroken that I live in a state that is so insensitive to a situation, infertility, that effects approximately 10% of people in the United States.

Would you like to read the details?  Here is the National Conference of State Legislatures website:  I want more info! and I want even more info!

I’ve decided, it’s time for me to be part of the change.  I have some big ideas in my head, maybe a non-profit organization, maybe some lobbying, let’s see where these ideas take me.

xoxo – angie

close up court courthouse hammer


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