Weight Loss: Progress Makes Perfect Pt. 2

I figured it was time for another progress update and while scrolling through inspirational Instagram weight loss accounts an idea came to me, I wanted to include a  picture of of Jon and I at our heaviest next to a photo of us now in the post.  So the hunt began and I feverishly looked through the millions of pictures on my phone for one of Jon and I together at our heaviest weight.  I found one, not the best picture, but hey it would work.  Next was finding a picture of us now, or close to now, and again not the best one, but good enough because in my opinion there is definitely a difference. (Keep in mind — I don’t believe this is at our heaviest, and it is definitely not at our lowest.)

I had to sneak in here before I posted this blog for all of you to read and include one more side by side!  This is literally same place, same time, just a year apart, and the difference is crazy!

Now for the update, Jon and I are both down over 60 pounds each, me 71 pounds as of today, and he 63.  Sometimes I really have to sit back and think about how far have we come.  I am incredibly proud of ourselves as this was no easy feat.  I have to admit, that without the support of Jon, I am not sure I would have been as successful. As for our diet, we are still doing really well on the Keto Diet, I highly recommend it to anyone who finds it hard to stick to a diet.  We have hit a few plateaus here and there but they weren’t anything we couldn’t push through.  Our goals?  Well, I still have a ways to go before I hit my goal weight, but Jon is almost at the finish line.

Until our next update, see you later alligator!


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