Life: My Momma is One Year Cancer Free

This is a very last minute post as I wasn’t sure that she was going to share this news today.  It is hers to share and only after she did, did I feel like it was okay to write this.

First and foremost, I encourage all women and men for that matter get their scheduled check-ups and wellness exams.  The scary part is that women over a certain age are not required to get pap smears so cancer may go undetected.  Luckily my Momma felt like something was wrong and requested an exam.  If you feel like something is off, follow your intuition and request an exam.  Bottom line you need to be your own advocate and demand that it be checked out, because well it just might save your life.

Very few people knew that my Momma was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2017.  She chose not to share it until today, which is her official one year of being cancer free.

It was an extremely difficult time for our family and her especially.  She chose to keep the news of her diagnosis quiet because she didn’t want people to worry about her and because well unfortunately life doesn’t stop when there is a cancer diagnosis, things still happen, problems still arise and things still need to get done.  She wasn’t going to let cancer stop her from continuing to be the woman she has always been.  The woman who has ALWAYS gets up and gets stuff done regardless of the circumstance.  She remained strong and stoic throughout the entire scary journey which included several tests, procedures, a full hysterectomy and radiation.  And despite the toll this took on her mentally and physically she continued to be our family’s rock and never left cancer slow her down.

I was with her every step of the way.  I went to every Doctor’s appointment. I was there during her biopsy, when we got the terrible diagnosis and the oncologist appointment where we would learn how we were going to combat this.  I was there for the hysterectomy, I spent the night in the hospital during her recovery and spent two weeks with her apartment while she went through her recovery.  I went with her to every radiology appointment and continue to go with her to every 3 month check-up appointment. She has never let me down and I wasn’t about to do that to her.  I feel so honored that  she trusted me to be there for her during this crazy and scary period of her life. She knew she could depend on me and that means more than she will ever know.

I want to give a special thank you to all of those who prayed when I so vaguely asked for prayers for my Momma.  God heard them and he healed her.  Thank you to my Husband Jon for being my rock when I had no strength left to give myself. For holding me as I cried, for assuring me that everything was going to be alright.  Thank you to my cousin Gail for spending the night with her for the first few days after her recovery so that I could go home, eat, sleep and shower.  Thank you to my sister Becky for being there with me and staying strong for Momma.  Thank you too all of you who did know and checked up on island and offered support.  Last but certainly not least thank you God for sparing my Momma, I am forever grateful that you blessed us.

I am so incredibly proud of the strong woman she is and always has been.

I love you Momma! Here is to the rest of your life being cancer free! ❤


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  1. That’s great news! Glad that your mom is cancer-free. May God continue to bless her with good health.

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