Infertility: Clomid Recap – 100mg (IUI Treatment Two)

I had an idea of what to expect, however so many months had passed since the last time I took this medication, I kind of forgot the details.  The great thing is that I had my last blog post about Clomid, to look back on.

This time I was prescribed the same dosage as I was during last treatment, 100mg of Clomid.  I was again told to take it at the same time every day, for five days but this time from cycle day 5 – 9 (last treatment was cycle day 3 – 7).  I was also advised that I should take the medication with food as it may upset my stomach.

Based on my experience last time, I decided to telecommute for the three work days I would be taking the medication as I know there were times that I was very uncomfortable when I took it before.  The only other thing I did differently this time was that I took the medication around noon instead of in the evening.

This was my experience.

Day 1: This day was by far the worst.  I was snappy, emotional, lightheaded, nauseous and had a lot of hot flashes in the evening.

Day 2: This day was less severe but I did experience a few side effects, the worst being the headache.  I also had some lightheadedness right after taking the pills and just a few hot flashes.

Day 3: Felt great this day, little to no side effects at all.  I also had a lot of energy.

Day 4: Again no serious side effects on this day.  Lots of energy in the morning, however in the evening I began to feel a bit sluggish.

Day 5:  A little sluggish and a few hot flashes.  Besides that, a-okay!

Bottom Line

The first day was by far the worst, but besides that, it was much more manageable than the last time.  I really think that taking it earlier in the day (10:45 am) helped a lot.  The less severe side effects could also be attributed to the fact that I took the medication from cycle day 5 – 9, but I am not certain.




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