Infertility: Trigger Shot (IUI Treatment Two)

This would be the first time we would have to administer the shot ourselves.  Last time the nurse did it for me and gave me the step by step instructions on how to do it myself.  Jon would be the one administering it going forward, and he was unable to come to that appointment, so it was up to me to relay the information to him.  Needless to say, after 5 months the instructions we had gone over were much more hazy than we had hoped.  Luckily for us, the Ovidrel they prescribed this time came pre-mixed which made things much less complicated.  I contemplated just giving myself the shot, but didn’t think I could do it without hesitating.  You see, I am one of those people that looks away when they get a shot, I don’t mind the prick, I just don’t like the anticipation.

The medication was to be refrigerated prior to using.  The suggest bringing it to room temperature before administering the shot, so that is what we did.  Luckily they provide a how-to video for people to watch prior to, so that was helpful in refreshing our memories.  To say I wasn’t a bit nervous would be a lie.  While I trust Jonathan with my life, it’s difficult to allow someone with no prior medical experience to just go on and prick you with a needle.  I would have felt the same way had I did it myself.  Like I mentioned in previous posts, with infertility, you literally second guess every decision you make or don’t.  Did I prick myself in the right area?  Is it the right temperature?  Did I do it right?  Every question seeping through your mind all the time and of course it doesn’t help when you are already an anxious person.

After watching the video we prepared the medication for the injection which meant making sure all of the air was out of the syringe.  This was a bit tricky because there was a huge air bubble that just wouldn’t come out.  We tried a few things but were worried if we messed it up we would lose a lot of the medication and then, well then it wouldn’t be a good situation.  Finally after a bit of work we were able to get it out.  I sat down, Jon cleaned the injection site and pinch the skin on my stomach just as he was supposed to.  I said wait!  I started psyching myself out.  I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said go ahead and away he poked.  Nothing, I felt nothing!  This was seriously the best shot I probably had ever gotten, no pain, no bleeding, just perfect.  I told Jon he should become a nurse, because he did great.

After that ordeal we celebrated with a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific which was such a nice way to get our mind off of infertility for a minute.

Now all we had to do was wait for insemination day…





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