Travel: Seaworld (San Diego)

Despite the rain we were determined to celebrate our TEN YEAR anniversary like we had planned.  We knew were going to make the most out of our trip to San Diego even if it meant doing something other than going to Seaworld like we had planned.

We started out bright and early on a raining Saturday morning in January.  From the forecast it looked like we might hit some heavy rain on the way but by the time we made it to San Diego it was supposed to be clear.  The rain wasn’t horrible until we made it to Orange County, then it became scary.  The windshield wipers could not move fast enough, even on the highest speed to combat the heavy down pour we encountered.  People continued to drive like, well um you know, despite the fact that the entire freeway was flooded.  We went at a speed we were comfortable and thankfully made it out of that situation unscathed.  At that time we wondered if we had made the right decision to go forward with our trip.

We stopped for breakfast at our favorite spot, Snooze A.M. Eatery in Tustin.  We discovered this place during one of our trips to San Diego and now make it a point to go there every time we go.  We ordered our favorites:

Blueberry Strusel Pancake $5.50
Snooze Spuds Deluxe w/ an add on $16.25
Brewmosa $6.00
Breakfast Pot Pie $11.00

All of which were amazing, with the Snooze Spuds taking the cake.  If you find yourself out this way, make sure to stop here!

After breakfast we decided to continue down to San Diego, despite the bad weather we had earlier encountered and we are so glad we did!  By the time we made it to San Diego, it was gloomy with a light sprinkle, but clear enough that we could go to Seaworld.  We both had been before, but not for years and years so we were both so excited to go!

Anyway, we had so much fun!  We really enjoyed ourselves.  I’d have to say our favorite parts of the entire day were the Orca Encounter, Arctic Exhibit (despite the Beulga portion being closed) and the Sea Lion show!  All of these were so much fun and very informative.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your trip:

We opted for the front if the line pass – Nice but not really necessary.  We went on a Saturday and there were no lines.  The benefit of this add on is the preferred seating which was nice but I suggest you save your money.

We also got the all day dining pass (we skipped our Keto diet this day) – This was okay, the food is mediocre at best and what you can have at each location is limited.  The best thing we ate by far was the carnitas fry cone.  Save your money and skip this one.

Because of the rain we went with the preferred parking – This was worth it and I would purchase it again.  The parking is extremely close.  We didn’t purchase the top tier parking and I don’t think it is worth it. We literally parked a row back from the top tier with the second tier option and saved about $10-15 bucks.

We encountered several closed rides/exhibits – Do yourself a favor and check the website before you go.  When we went I would say literally half of the park was closed, it was a huge waste of time and money.  With that said I did reach out to Sea World about my experience and they offered to rectify the situation by providing us with two additional tickets to use at a later date.

After finishing up at Seaworld we decided to grab some dessert before heading to our hotel for the night.  I got on Yelp and found Scoops – La Jolla which wasn’t too far from where we were staying and was highly rated.  I have to say that this may seriously be some of the best ice cream I have ever had.  I decided on a single scoop of the peanut butter marshmallow candy (it was called something like that). The single scoop was large and tasted home made, OMG DELICIOUS.  The service was great, the employee that helped us was super friendly, answered my questions and offered me several samples.
The only issue with this place is the parking situation.  We almost left due to not being able to find parking.  Our last go-around we found a spot thankfully and of course the trouble was totally worth it.

After finishing our delicious scoop of ice cream we made our way to Embassy Suites in La Jolla.  This is by far our favorite hotel in the area as it is clean, located in a nice area, and in a very convenient location (right by the College, close to the freeway and right across the street from a mall). On top of that you get free drinks from 5:30pm to 7:30pm (which we took advantage of 😉) and a nice made to order breakfast in the morning (the omelets are delicious), again for free. I would say the only downside is that parking costs $30.00 but honestly that is the norm anywhere in San Diego worth staying.


After a well rested evening, and a yummy hot breakfast the next morning we headed home so thankful for this trip and spending an amazing 10 years together.



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