Infertility: Intake Appointment

For the next two weeks my emotions were all over the place.  Jon tried to reassure me that we couldn’t think the worst, that we had to try and stay positive.  Luckily I had a work trip to keep me occupied for a little while, and then a few days of fun in Vegas helped too.

We looked at houses, planning for our new life.  I started eating differently, cut out coffee, added in grains and more greens.  Jon wouldn’t let me lift anything over ten pounds and treated me like an absolute queen.  We did all that we could to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and our life with our baby.

After we got back from Vegas, my nerves started getting the best of me.  It was just two days before my intake appointment on Monday and I was hoping I could somehow get them to do an ultrasound that day instead of having to wait until Thursday.  Needless to say that didn’t happen.  Basically they take you into a “classroom” hand you a bunch of folders, quickly and I mean very quickly go over a few key details from the folders and send you off to get your lab work done.  I inquired about the ultrasound, nope, not today, that would have to wait until Thursday.  She kept saying congratulations, but as mean as this sounds, I didn’t want that, I wasn’t sure I deserved that yet.  I couldn’t be happy about my pregnancy knowing that in just a few short days that could be taken away from me.

I got my labs done and we went on our way.  It would be a long three days before we knew anything.

blue and silver stetoscope


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