Finances: Make Money while Spending Money

I’ve covered this topic before but it is too good not to cover it again.  I’ve earned a lot of cash back by shopping through Rakuten lately and I want to make sure to share my secrets with you!

Rakuten formally Ebates, if not already in your repertoire you should totally be added.  Why is that you may ask?  Well because you can literally make money while spending money and who doesn’t want to do that?

How Rakuten works is simple.  They get a “finders fee”, “referral fee” or “incentive” for encouraging you to make an online purchase. Rakuten then passes a portion of the incentive they received onto you.  This is essentially a thank you and a way to encourage you to continue to use their website again.  Bottom line, at no cost to you, they make money and you make money.

It’s simple, all that is required is that you click to the store website (that you already planned to purchase at) through Rakuten, nothing more than that.  So basically instead of googling the store or typing in the store’s URL directly, click the link on Rakuten. Easy peasy!

Follow these simple steps to get you going:

  • Sign-up or login into (use this link to get $10 back on your first purchase of $25 or more)
  • Search for the website you plan to shop at
  • Click the the shop now button and check out that cash back percentage!
  • Ensure that you have been connected by Rakuten by looking for the banner on the bottom of the page
  • Complete your purchase
  • Collect your cash back!

Rakuten let’s you cash out your earning by check or Paypal quarterly!  Get going, and make some money!



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