Life: Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

One of my favorite things to do is curl up on the sofa with Jon and binge watch some good shows while eating some keto ice cream.  Netflix Originals never disappoint, let me tell you.  We are always looking for new shows to watch and I figured you may be also.  Here is a list of some of our favorites!

The Society

This is show is one of our more recent finds.  I heard about it on a Podcast I was listening to and decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed.  The first couple of episodes are slow but are building the story.  Don’t get bored, it definitely gets better.

What is this show all about?  The premise of this show is a group of teenage kids trying to navigate how to survive and thrive after everyone but them disappears from their town.


Another really good show that is not typically my style but I am so glad I gave a chance.  This one never slows down, is always action packed and full of drama!  With lots of twists and turns you will never be bored.

What is this show all about?  A Financial Planner gets caught in a sticky situation which forces him to play all sides just to keep his head afloat and his family safe.

Santa Clarita Diet

I like comedy but it is definitely not my favorite genre.  I decided to give this one a chance because Drew Barrymore is one of the main characters and Jon loves comedies.  This show is so funny!  The only disappointment is that it was cancelled and left us on a cliffhanger.

What is this show all about?  Sheila the main character comes back from the dead and has a thirst for humans that can’t be tamed.  She, along with her husband Joel find creative ways to feed her hunger while keeping her secret.

13 Reasons Why

This one is very heavy so be prepared.  It is worth a watch though because the message is important, you never know what someone is going through, we sometimes forget the power behind our words and actions and there is always a reason to live even when things seem unbearable.

What is this show all about?  The main character Hannah Baker takes her life after dealing with trauma, abuse and bullying.  She leaves behind several tapes recorded before she died detailing the 13 reasons why she took her life.

Stranger Things

Welcome back to the 80’s!  The first two seasons were by far my favorite.  The third season kind of lost me but Jon loved it so you be the judge.  This sci-fi thriller will leave you begging for more episodes.

What is this show all about?  This story takes place in the middle of small town America.  It follows a bunch of young kids dealing with the “upside down” a world like no other.  Through all the twists and turns one thing is for sure, this group of kids with the help of a couple of adults can get through anything and anyone!

Keep an eye out for some more of my favorite binge worthy Netflix originals and leave some of your favorites in the comments below!


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