Move: Movin’ On Up!

I literally cannot believe this is our life right now… are you ready for it?  It’s time we shared the news… we just bought our very first house!  For as long as I can remember there are two things I’ve always wanted to accomplish in my life, being a mommy and owning a home.  Well, y’all, we are half way there!

Okay guys, it’s time I fill you in.  Let me start by telling you that it is absolutely gorgeous and without giving away too many details (we have a creepy stalker unfortunately) it is our absolute dream home!  It is being built from the ground up and just the way we want it down to the tiny details!  For example, like which way we want our wood flooring to lay.  We are so grateful for this amazing blessing.  GOD is good all the time!

This is huge, in every way imaginable.  We are going from renting to owning.  From living in a tiny one bedroom apartment to a home owners of a much larger, brand new, beautiful home.  Not to mention, we are moving from Sunny Southern California to the much Sunnier (and hotter) State of Nevada.  So many changes, but wonderful, amazing changes at that.

Being a new home owner is scary, and the whole process is much different than anything we have dealt with before.  We want to bring you along on the process so that if you find yourself in a similar situation you have some insight and also, just because we want to share this very exciting time in our lives.  So stay tuned for more blog posts, or maybe even YouTube videos detailing the process.

As always, thank you all for your love and support, it means the world to us!



red and white sale illustration




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  1. Yay! That’s great news. Congrats!

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤

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