Infertility: Monitoring Ultrasound (IUI Treatment Three)

I scheduled my ultrasound during my lunch time since that was the only time I could get away from work.  Jon and I decided that although we would love to have him there, that he didn’t need to come to this appointment, nothing too exciting was expected, so it wasn’t necessary for him to try and get the time off of work.

I got to the office and got called to the back not too much longer after that.  I saw the nurse practitioner this time, I have seen her before and I really like her approach.  I was worried I had already ovulated as I had some signs a couple days prior, but at the time I took an ovulation test which wasn’t positive, thankfully.  She confirmed at the appointment that I hadn’t which was a relief to hear.

She started with my right ovary which was the ovary with two follicles.  As she started measuring them, I knew that these were not big enough to make it to insemination.  She moved to the left ovary.  This is the ovary that always does well, in fact it was the ovary that produced a large follicle during our last insemination.  Anyway, this ovary I had a nice 16mm follicle, but it still needed to mature before we could proceed with the insemination.  The nurse suggested that we schedule the insemination for Monday and trigger (administer the trigger shot) late Saturday night (11pm to be exact).  That sounded great, however we were leaving for Vegas on Monday, so our schedule was extremely tight.  She was so sweet, she squeezed us in, in the morning so that we could still get up to Vegas at a reasonable hour.

So Monday is the big day! Praying that this round is the one!





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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    fingers are crossed 🙂

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