Infertility: Trigger Shot (IUI Treatment Three)

Note: These blog posts are a bit behind and this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

I feel like this time around we were a little less nervous.  As we have done it once before we kind of new what to expect although with anything you don’t do regularly, it did require a little refresher.

We had originally planned to celebrate our friends birthday at a steakhouse a few hours away but had to cancel since we wouldn’t make it back in time to administer the shot.  So instead we spent the day running errands and getting things done around the house just waiting for 11pm to roll around so we could give me the trigger shot.  Around 10:45pm we started getting things laid out – syringe with medication, check – alcohol pad, check – band-aid, check – paper towel, check – instructional video, wait what?  The website worked earlier in the day but for some reason when we tried to access it again it was down.  Greeeeeat, well thank God for we were able to find another video that did the trick.  I feel like if this was our first time around it would have been a lot more nerve wracking and I probably would have had a break down, lol but that didn’t happen so we were all good.

Jon and I both worked on the syringe itself making sure to tap the glass until all the air bubbles made it to the top, making sure to squeeze all the air out and get just a drop of liquid at the tip of the needle.  Doctor Jon (lol) used the alcohol pad to clean off the area, pinched an area of my stomach at least an inch away from my belly button, inserted the needle at a 45 degree angle, unpinched and released the medication.  Like I said in our last trigger shot post, Jon is a pro, best injections ever, I don’t even feel the prick or bleed!

So after all that, we relaxed for about an hour and then went to bed.  Easy peasy!  Let’s pray that this is our successful cycle!





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