Travel: Aloha Maui! (Day Three)

We got up bright and early so we could get on the Road to Hana before the crowds.  We expected some rain  but not torrential rain.  About thirty minutes into our drive down the Road to Hana we decided that today was not the day.  It would be impossible to get what we wanted out of this journey with the weather being what it was.  So instead we turned around and headed back towards the hotel for breakfast.

We read about a place called Kiehi Caffe on Yelp and decided that would be our spot for breakfast.  Parking was a bit of a pain but besides that things went well.  The line was long, but ordering was quick.  Jon got the Kahlua Pork Moco and I got the traditional Eggs Benedict.  The portion sizes were huge and the food was delicious!

After breakfast I wanted to make a stop at Sugar Beach Bake Shop where we got a nice sampling of Malasadas!  We got one of each that they had, the standard sugar, cinnamon sugar, li hing mui, matcha, oreo filled and custard filled, all of which were delicious.  My favorite being the custard filled and least favorite before the li hing mui (sour sugar)


Before heading back to the hotel we grabbed some Poke to store in our mini fridge for dinner.

We took a quick nap before heading back out to Iao State Park to take in the beauty that is the Iao Needle State Monument.  The hike to get to the view point was easy and the Needle itself was beautiful.  Pictures really do not do it justice and is a must see in my opinion if you find yourself on Maui.


We took the scenic way back to really try and take in everything the island has to offer.  I have come to the understanding that Maui is my favorite vacation destination.  There is just something about this island that makes me feel wonderful.

Before settling into the hotel for the evening we stopped at the Shops at Wailea where we got some famous Lappert’s ice cream and picked up some more poke, a bit of sushi and some potstickers for dinner!




We spent the evening in the pool yet again, this time being a little mischievous and sliding down the closed slides.  We had so much fun making memories we will never forget.




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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Wonderful pics! Looks like a lovely place.


    1. Thank you! It is absolutely beautiful! ❤

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