Travel: Aloha Maui! (Day Two)

The original plan was to do the Road to Hana on the second day of our trip but after looking at the weather forecast the night before we decided that because of the heavy rain we should probably move it to the third day.  However those plans got changed too.  More on that later though.

So instead, on day two, we decided to head on over to Lahaina.

First stop of course was coffee!  Through the help of Yelp we found a local coffee shop in Kiehi just down the road from our hotel.  Akamai Coffee can be difficult to find, but is totally worth it.  First off, the service is amazing and secondly the coffee is wonderful!  We ordered the Road to Lahaina (how fitting right?), which is essentially a white mocha with macadamia nut and toffee nut syrups.  Not too sweet, just the way we like it.


After some delicious coffee, we made our way just down the road a bit to Foodland, yes Foodland, haha.  A grocery store, but not just any grocery store, the grocery store that is rumored to have the most delicious and affordable poke in Hawaii.  Well ladies and gentleman, the rumor is true!  The spicy ahi poke was to die for and just what we needed to tide us over to breakfast.

The road to our destination, from Wailea to Lahaina is very pretty.  So we of course stopped here and there to take some pictures along the way.


Before actually taking in Front Street (one of the main attractions in Lahaina) we decided to stop at one of our favorite spots for breakfast, 808 Grindz.  We ate here the last time we came to Maui and it was delicious so we knew this was a must this time around as well.  We remembered from the last time that the wait can be long but it is always totally worth it.  Pro Tip: Get there early!  Jon decided on the “bene trio” and I got the banana pancakes with the vanilla mac sauce.  Don’t skip the vanilla mac sauce!  All of it was absolutely delicious, so delicious that I wish we could have eaten there more than once on our trip.

With full tummies we headed on over to front street.  I suggest parking in the outlet parking lot.  It is fairly inexpensive and you can get your parking validated if you buy something at one of the shops.

As we made our way down Front Street we stopped several times to take in the beauty of the ocean.


We also stopped for a couple of treats along the way including “adult shave ice” at Breakwall (this one is strong so be careful!) and Macadamia Nut Ice Cream at Banyan Treats before heading over to the infamous Banyan Tree!


After a full morning in Lahaina we started our journey back to the hotel with of course more stops along the way!

First stop, Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop!  This was one of the places I knew I wanted to go to during our trip.  The rave reviews and pictures of delicious pies on the internet just don’t do it justice.  This place is amazing, and I highly suggest the pineapple macadamia nut pie!  The next time we find ourselves in Maui I want to try one of their savory pies.

We ordered some room service for dinner, spent the rest of the evening walking around the hotel (we even met a cute little gecko we affectionately names sticky foots) and hanging out in the pool, just enjoying the company of each other in paradise.





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