Finances: Stop! Don’t throw away your receipts!

I am always looking for ways to save or earn money because passive money really adds up!  I usually put all the money I earn through passive means away for Christmas shopping at the end of the year and doing so I rarely have to spend any money out of pocket!

So let’s get to work!  I covered this briefly in another blog post but let’s dive in!

The first thing is keeping your receipts! When the cashier asks you if you want your receipt say YES! That is money honey!

There are two ways to earn via submitting your receipts – one is via submitting for a rebate on a specific item you purchased and the other is submitting your receipt for credit (and yes you can do both). Let me explain:

Submitting for Receipt for Product Rebates:

Think traditional, tried and true, mail-in rebates that we know so well. So those work by submitting a UPC via mail or e-mail along with your receipt. Gone are the days of that clunkiness! Nowadays there are apps such as Ibotta (my favorite, use this link to get a $10 welcome bonus) and Checkout 51 that allow you to earn rebates on items you purchase via their app.  The great thing about these types of rebates is that often there are rebates for fresh fruits and vegetables, items that rarely are eligible for other discounts such as coupons.  After reaching a certain dollar amount of rebates you can redeem them for cash (check or paypal) and gift cards.

Very simply you download the app, search for the product(s) you plan on purchasing, add the offer, purchase the products and then redeem the rebate by scanning the UPC and uploading your receipt (take a picture in their app).

Submitting your Receipt for Credit:

This one is even easier! No need to add specific products or scan UPCs. Apps like ReceiptPal and ReceiptHog allow you to receive credit for each receipt you upload via their app. You can then cash out those credits for things like gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Target, Starbucks, etc. or even get a cash deposit directly into your PayPal account.

Easy peasy! Just download the app and upload your receipt by taking a picture via their app.

These apps don’t cost a thing so why not get started?


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