Infertility: Baseline Ultrasound (IUI Treatment One)

The moment we had all been waiting for had finally arrived.  We were instructed to come in on the 3rd day of my menstrual cycle to have an ultrasound.  The ultrasound was necessary to check that all the conditions were appropriate to start officially start our IUI cycle.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous for the outcome as this was the make or break it appointment, the one where we would know if we could proceed with the treatment.   On top of the nerves, the thought of this whole procedure was uncomfortable for the obvious reasons.  To be honest none of this has been comfortable, it has just become the our new normal and we are okay with that if it means we get to have a baby.  Anyway, Jon took the afternoon off to be at the appointment with me and this time we left with plenty of time to spare so that we didn’t run into the same hectic situation that we did during our other appointment.

We checked in with our RE and after a short wait we got called to the back.  The nurse did all the usual stuff, had me get on the scale, took my vitals and had us wait in the room where the ultrasound would take place.  The NP (nurse practitioner) came in the room along with another nurse and performed the ultrasound.  The NP was very gentle and took the time to explain everything as she was doing it which I really appreciated.  She started by showing me the lining of my uterus and I have to say it was pretty cool to see.  It is a disk shape, at least that is how is shows on the monitor, which was not what I had envisioned in my mind it would look like but with each appointment my reproductive organs and I are getting to know each other more and more.  We are becoming like this (crosses fingers).  Next she moved to my right ovary, it looked good, no cysts and even a follicle was beginning to form, another neat thing as I was under the impression through my limited understanding that I was not forming follicles.  She moved to the left ovary and proceeded to tell me that there was a large cyst and that based on the size we may not be able to proceed with the treatment.  I lost it and began to break down.  Jon got up and consoled me, I was so happy he was there.  She seemed very apologetic, I assured her that it was not her fault.  She went to consult with Doctor about the results and said she would be back for us once I changed into my clothes.

Jon and I began to discuss our options, we were sad first and foremost that we may have to wait another cycle before starting IUI.  We only felt that like we had been waiting forever for this moment.  We were also confused as to how a follicle was forming if the assumption was that I could not ovulate on my own (we got clarification about this while talking to the RE).  I told Jon, if we have to wait, I want to schedule another HSG right away, like within the next few days.  If we had to delay our IUI cycle, I might as well try and get some clarity on my Fallopian Tube situation.  Natty, our NP came in the room and profusely apologized for making my cry saying that the Doctor said that the cyst was not an issue and that we could go ahead with our first IUI cycle.  I assured her that it was not her fault and that it was totally okay, she was just doing her job.  She took us to our RE’s office and we were able to consult with him about the results.  We confirmed the news that we would be able to proceed with our IUI treatment and then began to ask about the cyst.  He explained that it was normal for women to have cysts and that they for the most part go away on their own.  We went over a few more things including a brief overview of the treatment plan and then away we went to Natty’s office to go over it in more detail.

Natty provided us with a Calendar in a nice tidy red folder, that outlined our entire schedule.  If you know me at all, that made my little heart so happy as I love organization.  She sat us down and took the time to go over the calendar.  In short I was to take clomid 2 times a day for 5 days and come in for a follow-up ultrasound the next week to determine if the medication had done it’s job and all the follicles looked good.  If after that ultrasound we get the green light, they will administer the “trigger shot” (which pretty expensive at a whopping $125) that will induce ovulation.  Within 1 to 2 days we will need to come in for the actual insemination.  I am sure after that point, she will add to our calendar as needed.

I am so excited!  And while I am trying to stay extremely positive and I am very hopeful, I am also being realistic as not to be unprepared of the possibility of receiving a result other, than what we had hoped for.  But all that aside, here is to hoping that in a few short weeks we will be pregnant and that much closer to our miracle baby!

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