Marriage: Weekly Discussions (Week 1)

Roses & Thorns:


  • Rose – Angie showing her love for me by preparing my snacks for the upcoming week of work
  • Thorn – Overindulging in Las Vegas


  • Rose – Spending a nice week of really good quality time together
  • Thorn – Overindulging in Las Vegas

Weekly Discussion Topic/Question:  What were some of our favorite moments or experiences from last year?

Jon: Travelling new places together and all of our adventures.  My weight loss and working out.

Angie: Traveling, especially to Ohio, that was really neat.  Also our infertility diagnosis and treatment.  While this didn’t end the way we had hoped, it brought us closer as a couple.  Also, losing weight and getting closer to my goal weight.  Lastly, starting this blog.

Devotional/Book Reading: Communicating Love taken from Gary Chapman’s The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional

Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love. Let love be your highest goal! – 1 Corinthians 13:13 – 14:1

Synopsis: There are five love languages, and of these usually one or two are the primary language each spouse speaks.  It is rare that both spouses speak the same love language and because of this our love is not always shown or received.  It is important to learn the love language of your partner so that you can make that person feel loved in a way they understand.

Our takeaway: We want to read the book about the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman so that we can learn what our love languages are.  After reading the book separately we want to discuss what we got from the book and what we want to do differently to improve our marriage.

For now, Jon is requesting patience from me and I am requesting more initiative from him.

The key to improvement is acknowledging there are things we need to work on them, and then doing our best to work on those areas.

Please share your rose and thorn for the week, along with your favorite moments from last year.  If you have an opinion on the Five Love Languages, we would love to hear that too!


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