Infertility: What’s Next?

I waited a long time before I finished writing this post.  In fact, I started writing this on December 12th, 2018 but held out hope that the contents of the post would be different.  Needless to say they weren’t and we are still infertile.

After receiving the all clear during our second HSG test, we were of course hoping to get pregnant naturally prior to my next menstrual cycle, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  We were told that right after having an HSG test a woman is most fertile, but since we had the HSG test so late in my cycle I figured our “fertile window” had passed. And as much as we wanted to start our next round of IUI in December, it just wasn’t going to work.  Jon always has to travel out of town almost the entire first week of December for work, and that would be when the treatment was set to begin.  So with all that said, January would be the first available time that we would be able to do our second IUI.  We took advantage of the month or so we had prior to starting treatments just really enjoying the holidays and spending good quality time together.

“Aunt Flo” made her ugly appearance January 1st, a great way to start the new year, I know.  Anyway, that was just what we were waiting for before being able to began our second IUI treatment.  I sent a quick e-mail to Kaiser to let them know we were ready to go and the next day I got the call to schedule our baseline ultrasound.  So here we go, another round of medications, monitoring, poking and prodding.  Hopefully this time we get our miracle baby and it will be all worth it.

Stay tuned for updates and please send all the positive thoughts and prayers our way!

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  1. Luis Gonzalez says:

    With GOD All Things Are Possible


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