Travel: Planning for 2019

We had concluded at the start of the year that we would go on only one or two trips in 2019.  We figured they would be somewhat bigger in budget so we decided to limit ourselves to that.  One thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to go to Hawaii again!  Our second destination was a little more up in the air but we were looking at Yellowstone.  Life threw us another curve ball (this one not so bad) when Jon’s accounts at work were reallocated forcing him to do more travel than usual.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have me come along with him, and explore new cities together.  See his travel, lodging and meals are all taken care of, all we have to pay for is my travel arrangements and food, making travelling a LOT less expensive.

As I mentioned, we knew we were going to Hawaii and booked that early in the year.  We decided on late September because that is when prices were the lowest (pro-tip: book in May, September or October to get the lowest prices).  Yellowstone ended up being put on the back burner when we learned that Jon would have travel obligations for work.  With Jon’s work travel schedule in hand along with our own travel plans we came up with this tentative schedule:

  • January – No Plans
  • February – San Diego (Sea World)
  • March – No Plans
  • April – Atlanta (Jon’s Work Engagement)
  • May – Las Vegas (Angie’s Work Engagement)
  • June – Ohio (Jon’s Work Engagement)
  • July – Arizona (Grand Canyon)
  • August – Catalina Island
  • September – Hawaii (Maui and Oahu)
  • October – Portland
  • November – San Diego (Sea World)
  • December – No Plans

I am very excited as we will be traveling to several new places!  One thing we absolutely love to do, is travel together.  So stay tuned for travel blogs, and maybe even travel vlogs!

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  1. Love your list! These are great places to visit. I’d love to visit Hawaii AGAIN too someday!

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  2. Out of all of the places I’ve been, I have to say, Hawaii is my favorite. There is nothing quite like the feeling you have when you are in paradise. 🙂


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