Life: Creating a Vision Board

Every year we talk about our visions for the future, our goals and the things we would like to accomplish.  More often than not those things are lost in the daily shuffle and bustle and before you know it, the year has passed us by and we didn’t accomplish anywhere close to what we had hoped to.

This year we wanted things to be different.  So during one of our weekly discussions we spoke of the words that embodied our vision for this year.  We also discussed what goals we had and what we would like to accomplish this year.  With those things in mind we knew it was important to create a visual representation of what we wanted and decided a vision board would be the best vessel to use.

We would love to share our process and maybe you want to follow along!  Let’s all accomplish our goals and visions this year.

So let’s start with what exactly a vision board is.  Simply put, a vision board a collection of images and/or words that are a symbol of your goals, and what you wish to accomplish.  This board serves as a source of encouragement and motivation to accomplish those goals.

As I mentioned we came up with the core things we wanted to focus on this year.  Our goals, what we wanted to accomplish, and our overall vision.  With that in mind we took a few old magazines and began to cut out key words, and pictures that fell into what we had discussed.

My suggestion is to think broadly, some words might not immediately jump our at you but could mean something if put in the right context.

After cutting out some words and pictures we began to place them on the very inexpensive bulletin board we picked up during one of our Ikea trips.  We strategically placed the words in a way that had meaning to us or that we felt were connected in some way.  For example, “progress” was connected to we didn’t give up and unstoppable because in order to make progress you have to be unstoppable and you can’t give up.

Tip: While we used a bulletin board you can use anything, some good ideas are poster board, a white board, even a page out of a notebook.

Our board is a continual work in progress, as we find new words in magazines all the time that fit perfectly within our vision.  We just cut them out and place them where we feel they fit.


We decided to put this board in our bedroom so that every day when we wake up and every night before we go to sleep we are reminded of what our vision is, what we want to accomplish.  Not only is this a daily reminder, but also a great pick me up on days where you may feel less than motivated or just a bit down on your luck.

In conclusion, a vision board is an inexpensive, motivating way to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

So please share your ideas, what did you do to ensure you accomplished your goals this year?

And remember you are capable of anything you put your mind to!


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