Infertility: Wait, What? We’re Pregnant!

If you have followed along our infertility journey you know that my menstrual cycle has always been irregular. Although, I have to say that ever since our first IUI and following the Keto diet, my periods have become much more regular. Recently they slowly started drifting further apart so I didn’t really think anything of it when I was about 13 days late.

I decided I was going to start Provera so that I could try and regulate my periods again, but before that wanted to take a pregnancy test just to be sure and I was one hundred percent expecting it to be negative of course. I had been feeling a little weird, with tender breasts, fatigue, frequent urination, and some cramping/spotting, but again, I thought nothing of it. I just figured my period was coming.

Anyway, Jon was washing dishes after dinner when I quietly went into the restroom to take the test. I wasn’t planning on saying anything to him as I was sure it wasn’t worth mentioning. As I took the test and went to check for the results, I saw two strong lines! I literally did a double take, wait what? We are pregnant! I ran out of the bathroom and blurted out, Jon, I am pregnant! He replied, with no way, you are joking. I said, no! look! We were amazed. How in the world did this happen after over 10 years of trying?

We quickly decided that we wanted to run to CVS to grab another test as I had used a pregnancy test I bought off of Amazon (I bought a bunch of cheap ones in bulk). At CVS we scoured the aisles searching for the right aisle. They weren’t where we expected them to be, so it took some time. When we finally found them we pondered at what we should choose. In the end we decided on a First Response Early Detection Digital Pregnancy Test two pack.

We went home, and I took it right away. It was negative and I was instantly crushed. I apologized to Jon that I had gotten his hopes up. After about 30 minutes I decided to try another one of the tests I had gotten on Amazon and it was positive. At this point we were both very confused, but pretty confident that 2 out of 3 were pretty good odds in our favor. We talked about it and decided we wanted the input of others. He posted on Facebook and I posted in the support groups I am a part of asking for the thoughts and opinions of others and got very positive feedback. So with a little relief and lots of excitement we turned in for the night. The next morning, I took another two tests, one of the digital tests and another one of the ones I got off of Amazon and both were positive.

As we were about to leave town that night, I hurried to get a hold of someone at Kaiser (my PCP and my RE) to try and get an order for a blood pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. I didn’t want to wait the 4 – 5 days to get this confirmed. Luckily I was able to get the order and I went to take the test around 10:30 am. I was expecting the results around 1 pm as it normally takes about three hours to get the results back (I am a pregnancy test pro by now) but nothing came. It wasn’t until about 3 pm that the results came in, it was positive, our HCG was 11,304 mIU/mL.

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t freaking believe it. We got pregnant naturally after over 10 years of trying. Our miracle had finally happened.



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  1. YES! Congratulations!


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