Marriage: Loyalty & Support (Fundamentals Series)

The crowning characteristic of love is always loyalty.”
~ Jeffrey Holland

Loyalty and support are the final two fundamentals in our Marriage Fundamentals Series. I figured I would save the best for last, because these final two encompass several of the other fundamentals of marriage – trust, communication, and respect. When we think loyalty, we think faithfulness but let’s be clear, loyalty is not just about being faithful (although that is very much a part of it), it is instead about living up to the commitments you have made and being true to your partner.

Loyalty is a trait that is essential to any healthy relationship. Your loyalty should lie with your spouse. In essence, you need to be your spouse’s biggest cheerleader and fiercest defender. This means having your partner’s back always, and standing up for them. It is never betraying them in anyway and always supporting them.

Your partner should be the one person in your life you can truly count on to never let you down as you should also be that person to them. You will keep their confidence as they will keep yours. You will be there for your partner always, both emotionally and physically. Putting them above all, even yourself at times. They are your priority. You are never too busy or put out by being there for them. You would go out on a limb for them. As a partner you have to be dependable and you have to be devoted. You give yourself whole-hardheartedly to your partner because you love them enough to do so.

When we love someone, we are loyal to them, we want to protect them. We protect them from others, from bad situations. Loyalty is being self-aware and not allowing yourself to be put in a bad situation that would be detrimental to your relationship or your spouse. We are committed to both of them, our relationship and our spouse. We realize that commitment is both a promise and an action. Loyalty knows no bounds and is present in both private situations where our spouse isn’t present and in person when they are there. If you are hiding something from your partner, or feel the need to hide something you did or are thinking about doing, that is called disloyalty.

Loyalty is a choice, it is an act of true love. Loyalty means I love you more than anything, I honor and respect you. Loyalty must be present in your marriage for it to be a lasting relationship because without this fundamental piece, your relationship will lack trust, respect, and honesty. I implore you to value your spouse, to be loyal to them and honor them always.

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  1. “Loyalty is a choice, it is an act of true love.”

    Thank you, beautifully said.


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