Infertility: We’re Trying

To my surprise after the bleeding of my miscarriage stopped I had just fifteen days before my menstrual cycle would start.  I was told by the OBGYN that it could take up to six weeks before I would start, so needless to say I was a bit taken-aback.  After the surprise came the excitement.  I remember the OBGYN telling me that we could start trying after my next normal menstrual cycle and here it was.  We were figuring we wouldn’t be able to start again until August but this was much, much sooner.

I knew I wanted to try right away.  I think Jon was a bit weary because he wants to make sure I am okay before we go for it.  While we are emotionally still going through the toll of the miscarriage, I know that with this menstrual cycle, that I am physically ready and because of that I don’t want to wait.  I want our rainbow baby now.

Outside of all the infertility issues, things are chaotic in my life.  We are going through some really big life changes that are rocking my world a bit.  The reason for the changes was difficult but the changes themselves well those are great just a bit stressful.  At the point and time when we were able to start trying (after my menstrual cycle) would not be an ideal time to start an IUI treatment, therefore it is all natural for us for the time being.

If we do not get pregnant naturally this cycle, then come August, we will move forward with IUI.

Prayers, fingers crossed, best wishes, positive vibes and all that.  Please send them our way!




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