Infertility: Follow-up Appointment

Experiencing our second miscarriage was difficult.  With our first one, we were shocked, but came to terms with the fact that this was just a fluke, bad luck if you will.  We told ourselves that it couldn’t possibly happen again, and then it happened again.

I wanted answers, I wanted solutions.  We both did.  Another cycle would not be an option, so I wanted to fit in any possible testing we could while our insurance was still covering infertility at 50%.

We took the afternoon off the day before Thanksgiving and made our way to Downey for our appointment.  After getting checked in we quickly got called to the back and met with our RE.  What I love about the infertility department is how kind, gentle and patient they are.  They know they are dealing with people with difficulties and they take care in their approach and explanations.

I told him we didn’t understand, that we didn’t have a lot of time before our insurance was changing and we would be moving out of the state.  He said that as much he hates to say it, that miscarriages are a normal occurrence.  That in fact, his wife experienced two miscarriages in a row and went on to have a normal third pregnancy but that in the thick of her miscarriages that she told him he was crazy to tell her it was normal, that is wasn’t.  She felt then what we are feeling now.  He went on to say that if we weren’t in this time crunch that we would just suggest moving forward with another IUI and only after then would he do additional testing.  He understood that we wanted answers though, before we left, and so he suggested the karyotyping for both Jon and I.  Without going into too much detail, it’s essentially chromosomal testing that can determine if either of us have any issues that may be the cause of our miscarriages.  This is the big test, the one we really wanted but didn’t think they would give us the go ahead on.  It would cost us $350 each, a huge chunk of money, especially at the same time we are purchasing our first home.  It needed to be done though, and I feel like we would have regretted it down the line if we would have passed up this opportunity.

After our appointment we went down stairs right away to get our blood taken.  It would be about ten days according to the doctor before we would get results.  Here is to another very long wait to hear the results.  I pray there is nothing wrong with either of us.  Please pray for us too.

Only after we get the results will we be able to think about the next step we will take…


shallow focus photography of microscope


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