Infertility: Our Due Date

Today, December 12th is our first angel baby’s due date.

While we aren’t for certain this would be the day our baby was born it was the projected date we would give birth. The day I would go into labor, the day Jon would rub my back and comfort me as I worked through the pain. The day we would gather our bag filled with all the things and head to the hospital. The day Jon would have held my hand as I labored. The day our beautiful miracle baby would be born. The day we would hold that baby in our arms and cry with such joy that we finally had everything we had ever prayed for.

Instead today we cried both silently and aloud. A day we were separated by Jon’s travel for work. Another day of putting on a brave face to get through the day and then coming home and crying ourselves to sleep. The day we didn’t get our beautiful baby, the one that was supposed to be in our arms and complete our little family.

Today is a hard day. It will always be a hard day because our baby is not here. The only thing that gives us peace is knowing that someday we will meet that beautiful baby in heaven and get to hold them in our arms. Until then, we will continue to remember and honor that baby. Our angel baby. ❤