Life: Starting a Business!

I’ve had so little time to write recently which makes me a bit sad but I keep telling myself it is all for a very good reason and that once things get a bit more settled I will be able to dedicate more time to our blog.  So what is going on exactly?  Well we are starting a business y’all!

I could go on and on and on about how the keto diet changed our lives, because well it did.  We have lost a combined 150 pounds and counting, mostly from following the keto diet.  One thing we did struggle with however was satisfying our sweet tooth.  It was very difficult to find high quality, VERY low-carb sweets that would fit within our macros.  Basically everything that is out there, or at least that we found, either had way too many carbs or didn’t taste that good to be quite honest.  We resolved to experimenting and curating our own cookie recipes which ended up being quite delicious, if we do say so ourselves.  After sharing our cookies with family and friends and hearing their opinions we knew we had something.  Then we began to have several people tell us that we should start selling our cookies because they were just that good, so then we really started to think….

We figured that if we were having an issue finding delicious low-carb sweets that others must be sharing the same frustration!  The low-carb, keto friendly market is a very under-served market and something needed to change.  Well, we wanted to be part of that change and after some discussion and knowing that we had a few killer cookie recipes under our belt that we should just go for it.  Life is just too short not to peruse your dreams.

With an idea in mind, and the drive to be successful we put everything we had into getting things started.  Starting a business is very involved and takes a lot of time, effort and energy.  We were able to do a quite a bit on our own but also knew that we needed some help, some expertise if you will.  Luckily we were able to find the SBDC which offers their service to help small businesses by giving them one on one consulting services and provides the tools necessary to succeed.

So that is where we are at, we are still getting everything situated and in place.  We do have a website however and would love to have you visit it!  Thank you as always for your love and support!




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