Weight Loss: What We Eat in a Day

So we have gotten a few questions about what we eat on the Keto Diet.  Our Monday through Friday meals are pretty consistent and weekends are where we allow ourselves a little wiggle room and include meals out at some of favorite Keto friendly restaurants that I mentioned in this recent blog post.  For this post I am going to focus on what we eat Monday – Friday, specifically for breakfast and lunch with a few mentions of dinner time meals.


Breakfast:  16 Ounces of Black Coffee & 1/8 Cup of Walnuts

Lunch:  1 Premier Protein Shake

Afternoon Snack:  1/8 Cups of Walnuts


Breakfast:  2 Hard Boiled Eggs, String Cheese, Celery w/ Ranch, Cucumbers w/ Lemon, 1 Premier Protein Shake

Lunch:  Salad (Romaine, Spinach or Iceberg), Salami & Cheese

Afternoon Snack:  Seaweed Snack, Beef Jerky, 1/4 Pecans or Walnuts, Starkist Lemon Pepper Tuna Pouch, 1/4 cup Grain Free Granola, Protein Bar

For dinner we make rotate between several of our go to meals and sides.  Here are just a few:

blue and black measuring tape wrapped around a silver metal fork


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