Weight Loss: Diary of a Fat Girl

I own it, I am fat, I was fat and I may always be what society deems as fat and I am okay with that.  There is a stigma among fat people and we all know it but this post is not about that.

Through my weight loss journey I have come across some things that I may not noticed before and I thought to myself, that would be a good idea for a blog post.

  • When you lose weight you realize how much sitting for a long period of time is uncomfortable – you lost your extra cushion
  • When you lose weight you don’t have to map out your path in a restaurant, you can fit in those tighter spaces between the tables
  • When you lose weight people compliment you more – wait was I less attractive when I was fatter?
  • When you lose weight you can enjoy things you couldn’t before – hiking, amusement parks, fitting comfortably in seats
  • When you lose weight you gain confidence – is it your own or because people are constantly feeding you compliments?
  • When you lose weight certain foods just don’t taste as good as they used to
  • When you lose weight you still look at yourself in the mirror as a fat person
  • When you lose weight your attitude towards dieting changes and you become like a reformed smoker trying to convert everyone because you know how it changed your life
  • When you lose weight or diet your social life starts lacking because you never realized how much of it revolved around food
  • When you lose weight you become more adventurous because you just couldn’t be before
  • When you lose weight you have more energy – you aren’t carrying around those extra pounds
  • When you lose weight you find joy in the little things you couldn’t do before – like cross your legs or walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded
  • When you lose weight you gain in other areas what you lost in weight

Weight loss is never a bad thing, but it does mess with your mind.  It is a journey, treat yourself with care.

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