Weight Loss: Keto Favorites! Pt. II

We’ve been doing Keto now for about 6 months, needless to say we have compiled a few more favorites in that time.  I figured it was about time to update the list and share our current favorites with you!

Items you can buy in-store or online:

  • CarbRite Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix
    • These are our newest discovery, follow the directions to the “T” and you won’t be disappointed.  At 1 carb per 1 inch brownie, you cannot beat this delicious treat!
  • Carbquick Baking Mix
    • This stuff is golden, we made the most delicious biscuits the other day that you would never guess were low carb.
  • Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix
    • A little higher on the carb count but totally worth it if you are craving some pancakes!
  • Cary’s Sugar Free Maple Syrup
    • I literally cannot taste the difference between regular maple syrup and this one.
  • Autumns Grain Free Granola
    • Again, a little higher in carbs but totally worth it if you are craving something like cereal.  Add a little almond milk and have yourself a treat.
  • Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup
    • This one took a little getting used to as it is significantly less sweet, but after a while I forgot it was any different.
  • Skyline Chili
    • Ever since our trip to Ohio, we have been hooked on this delicious chili.  The best part is that it has simple ingredients and is low carb!  Topped with some freshly grated cheese, this is a winner winner chili dinner!


  • Freebirds
    • Order a burrito bowl or salad with no beans and no rice (the queso makes this one delicious)
  • El Torito
    • Get the fajitas with no tortillas and order a the table-side guacamole and/or the bacon wrapped shrimp with no glaze
  • Jack in the Box
    • Make any of their breakfast burritos into a breakfast bowl
  • McDonalds
    • Order a Sausage McMuffin with Egg or two but ask them to hold the muffin
  • California Pizza Kitchen
    • Get the Cobb Salad, hold the tomatoes or the Ribeye with salad on the side instead of potatoes
  • Cheesecake Factory
    • Several low carb options available, like their Cobb Salad, fish or steak dishes.

potatoes fun knife fork


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